It’s All Politics May 30, 2013

Ron Elving and Ken Rudin look back at the political career and presidential run of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann. She announced this week she’s retiring from Congress in 2014.  They also weigh in on President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s renewed “bromance.” Plus Rhode Island’s Independent Governor, Lincoln Chafee, who was once a Republican, announced this week he’s switching parties again, this time becoming a Democrat.

It’s All Politics May 23, 2013

Ken Rudin and Ron Elving review the week in politics. President Obama performs a balancing act, functioning as both “Uniter-in-Chief” in the wake of the deadly tornado in Oklahoma and “Commander-in-Chief” as he defends the use of drones. The guys also weigh in on Lois Lerner, the IRS official who pleads the 5th, but only after giving an opening statement. And former Rep. Anthony Weiner makes it official — he’s running for mayor of New York.

It’s All Politics May 16, 2013

Ron Elving and National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson, sitting in for Ken Rudin, look back at the week of scandals rocking the Obama Administration. The President says he’s “angry” and fires the IRS chief for the agency’s targeting of groups with “Tea Party” and “patriot” in the names. And Attorney General Eric Holder is back on Capitol Hill, this time testifying on the Justice Department’s seizing of phone records of journalists.